Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Пн, 11:00: Some Days keeping up with Tweets is an exhausting process. Isn't so much too many tweets its a few tweeps flooding my feed w/Redundant posts
  • Пн, 11:03: Ugh. There is still an issue with some of my CSS Code. Its driving me crazy. Any superior geeks (I'm old school html) feel like helping?
  • Пн, 14:19: Is that a euphemism? #Whoa RT @damnitnicole: Just got carded for sausage.
  • Пн, 15:53: RT @thinkgeek: How to explain your wishlist to your non-geek family & friends: http://t.co/GoW23bVL
  • Пн, 16:39: RT @Astro_Wheels: Amazing...the human condition. Wishing for that 'Renaissance of the Mind' when we overcome the combustible mixture of ...
  • Пн, 16:40: 30 seconds of paradise (Sunset views from my back yard) from last January. :) http://t.co/MhYVyA5b (psst @5wa)
  • Пн, 16:47: Gaaaah! I was just caller 95 on @969WINKFM to win an iPad....the winner number to be was 96. Nooooooooooo! *pouts* so freakin' close.
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