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  • Thu, 17:53: That was fast, not that long ago we spotted Google-Cars doing new Street View Scenes and today I noticed my home's Street View is New :)
  • Thu, 19:54: Boom! I have 15 pts on Fantasy Football right now with Packers Defense. :)
  • Thu, 19:55: RT @spasmunkey: Casting Geeks & Nerds for "King of the Nerds" for major cable network! Email: lindsaycasting@gmail.com http://t.co/Cykvej7
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    Wed, 13:14: Pet Peeve: when I hit the wrong button and disconnect the call and call right back but they don’t pick up. Cool. Thanks a lot.

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    Thu, 23:00: Soooooooo Monday night Brian found this puppy in a trash can at a Tuck stop. Meet Ludwig! He’ll only know love from now on.…

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    Sun, 23:51: I know this pandemic has screwed up all of our bank accounts but if you could please share my fundraiser I would greatly appreciate…

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