Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 10:45 ahhh! trying to get a hold of my buyers, we can close TODAY! 2 Weeks Early!!! #
  • 11:58 Closing at 5pm. Hurray! #
  • 13:48 The paint store guy didn't even have to ask me what color I needed or which company I am from? I guess we paint a lot, huh? *lol* #
  • 15:39 Done with my bids in Venice and now back to Port Charlotte for a closing :) #
  • 16:30 Closed! :) tweetphoto.com/30211098 #
  • 16:36 Just gotta follow my buyers home to show them another house down the road from them. :) #
  • 19:52 Real Estate Stats: 2008 (x27 Transactions) sold $4,852,350 worth of Real Estate, 2009 (x49) $3,587,816 Year To Date (x24) $1,441,51. #
  • 19:54 Just shows how much the market dropped. 2008 27 Transactions totaled $4.8mil worth of Real Estate & 2010 24 transactions is only 1.4mil #
  • 20:04 You can also say my 2008 average selling price was $179k, 2009 73K and This year averages $60k so far #RealEstateStats #
  • 20:16 My Lifetime Sales total $10,071,676 since 2006 but thats includes 1 sale for 190k in 2006 and nothing in 2007! Not 2 Shabby #RealEstateStats #
  • 22:52 @_Baylink :P Thats the price of the houses I sold, not my commission hehehe ;) #
  • 23:01 @_Baylink usually its 4-6% and thats split by the 2 agents involved and then of that 2-3% that gets split with the brokerage and the agent #
  • 23:03 @_Baylink but I do pretty good for myself :) especially now that my brokerage split is only $300 per closing instead of a 70/30% split #
  • 23:06 I just looked up the tax records...it looks like the first house I ever sold is going into foreclosure. :( #
  • 23:33 oOOoh! Google Maps updated the Satellite View of my house. :) twitpic.com/21o8pf #
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