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Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 10:04 @CosmicMomma I get mine from a local roastary...much better than the regular crud they sell on the shelves. #
  • 11:22 @CosmicMomma Port Charlotte, I actually made their Facebook page. Mrs. McDougall's Roasting House ~ www.RoastingHouseCoffee.com #
  • 12:07 Oh, Hello Pouring Rain *lol* Thank you for not visiting us on Friday =) #
  • 12:58 @ccwharris Down in Punta Gorda (south west coast FL) #
  • 13:00 @ArwenAnaNg love your porch! Your house looks historic, mine was built in the 20s #
  • 15:29 #NASATweetup #STS132 What will probably be the Final Launching of Space Shuttle Atlantis ~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyF80fdxTcQ #
  • 15:45 Another storm rolling in....already lost power twice. Unplugged laptop. =) #
  • 16:46 @ICSUNNYDAYS makes me glad I went with the Uber-Battery on this thing *lol* #
  • 16:49 @ccwharris I can't believe its still rumbling.Its been going on & off since 12:30 today...usually it only storms 2x during the rainy season #
  • 16:56 @ccwharris I hope if its going to keep going it lasts into the night, I like trying to photograph night-lightening #
  • 18:32 @CosmicMomma its amazing how few scoops you need to brew a pot when its fresh. We buy the big 40lb bags *lol* #
  • 20:45 I just became the mayor of Bin 82 Tasting Room on @foursquare! 4sq.com/bl34Hq #
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