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Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 06:21 Good morning! About to grab some breakfast then its back to hang out with @NASA =) launch at 2:20 is 70% go still. #
  • 06:29 I just unlocked the "Historian" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cqEA4d #
  • 06:55 @spookyhandle I still cring when I hear it in the south but not as much #
  • 07:34 RT @nasatweetup: #FollowFriday: @nasatweetup/sts-132-launch for 150 unique perspectives of today's space shuttle launch #NASAtweetup #
  • 08:19 At the #NASATweetup Tent, brought my laptop today so I'm just getting set up. Don't forget, we're going to SWARM on @FourSquare! #
  • 08:20 #NASATweetup Participants, here is the location you should be checking in at: foursquare.com/venue/3709504 #
  • 08:27 #NASATweetup (@ NASA Tweetup Tent w/ 8 others) 4sq.com/bzXISd #
  • 08:53 RT @nasatweetup: #NASATweetup group photo #2 at the countdown clock tweetphoto.com/22365812 #
  • 08:59 Okay #NASATweetup Tweeps, lets do it toay! Check in at the "Tweetup Tent" on @FourSquare...so far theres 15 tweeps checked in....#SwarmBadge #
  • 08:59 (also #NASATweetup Tweeps ~ If you've been here over 1.5-2hrs re-checkin or else you won't count) #
  • 09:05 RT @nemski: Hey David Letteman @Late_Show, come and stop by the #NASAtweetup twent #
  • 09:12 THANK YOU!!! RT: @pwt1997 OK #nasatweetup folks ... enough peppering NASA admins with these partisan questions!!!!!!! #
  • 09:13 RT @nasahqphoto STS-132 Launch Tweetup participants gather at the launch clock check it out #nasatweetup flic.kr/p/8257PA #
  • 09:16 #NASATweetup #Spacetweeps, we're up to 23 people, almost 1/2 way there. Checkin to the "Tweetup Tent" on @FourSquare! #SwarmBadge #
  • 10:02 Woot! @HippyBrian & I were the first two people to sign @JohnMilleker's shirt =) #
  • 10:03 Grrr for some reason @Ubertwiter is telling me "Invalid username or password" when I try to tweet pics >:( Better cut that out! #WTF #Fail #
  • 10:05 Waving to the #STS132 Astronauts on their way via #Astrovan to the Pad twitpic.com/1np92p #
  • 10:08 Don't forget to Re-Checkin on @FourSquare if you've been at the "Tweetup Tent" a while, anything over 1.5-2hours an you're no longer countd #
  • 10:10 #TweetupSwarm Upate: 25 people checked in...need 25 more to get a Swarm Bage! #NASATweetup we're checking in as "Tweetup Tent" #
  • 10:11 11:11 ~ its going to be a great day! #NASATweetup #
  • 10:16 @tameraclark we'll be going to the visitor center afterwards. =) #
  • 10:20 @tameraclark Thats cool just come find me, I'm at the middle table between the ACs #
  • 10:33 @_Baylink I was trying for like 20 minutes...gave up for now. *LOL* #
  • 10:37 #NASASwarm Update: 29 people checked in on @FourSquare. Need 21 more. Also, if you've been here a while re-check in! =) #
  • 10:45 @JL_Davis Don't forget to check in at the Tweetup Tent, we're 20 people short of a Swarm Badge right now. #
  • 10:50 Cool :) @HippyBrian & I just got interviewed by Florida Weekly about the #NASATweetup. #
  • 11:08 Its only funny because its true! RT @tameraclark Thats cool just come find me, I'm at the middle table between the ACs #
  • 11:21 Take note kids! RT @johnnystock: "All astronauts are something else first" - Astronaut Dave Wolf to the kids of the world. #nasatweetup #
  • 11:24 Astronaut Dave Wolf answering questions mypict.me/73frX #
  • 11:31 @_Baylink "No diaper, no drink bag; nice mix, actually, you wanna have both or none." (via Astronaut Dave Wolf) #
  • 11:37 #NASASwarm Ahh! The count is going down! We're at 27, don't forget to Recheckin if you haven't in a while. Check in on 4sq "Tweetup Tent" #
  • 11:42 #NASASwarm =( Numbers continue to drop down to 24. Boooooo! #
  • 11:50 There have been 54 unique visitors to the "Tweetup Tent" over the last 2 days...we'd officially have a swarm if we did it at the same time! #
  • 12:27 Woot! We're on MSNBC webpage! bit.ly/c74knM #nasatweetup #
  • 13:00 Boo! My internet connection is being wonky. :/ #
  • 13:07 I'm at Press Site–Clock and Flag Pole‎ (Steeple Chase Heights Drive, Kennedy Parkway North, Orsino) w/ 3 others. 4sq.com/a311Xp #
  • 13:10 RT @HayleyFiasco: Bust out your CAPS LOCK, ur wine, twitpics, & ur twitter app of choice because today marks a year since the 1st #LOFNOTC. #
  • 13:11 RT @NASA: Mgrs have cleared issue w/ a ball bearing that was found in Atlantis' payload bay & said the pit pins will safely hold cameras #
  • 13:12 RT @ageekmom: WE ARE GREEN FOR LAUNCH #STS132 #nasatweetup #
  • 13:31 I'm at NASA Tweetup Tent w/ @hippybrian. 4sq.com/bzXISd #
  • 13:33 Amazing! I'm so happy to be here! #NASATweetup tweetphoto.com/22397274 #
  • 13:37 #NASATweetup Tweeps, we're all here, check in to "Tweetup Tent" #NASASwarm #
  • 13:51 17 #spacetweeps away from a #NasaSwam! #
  • 13:56 @FourSquare we're attempting a #NasaSwarm at the #NasaTweetup #
  • 14:01 I just unlocked the "Swarm" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/9LJqWq #
  • 17:25 @ageekmom hopefully its improved, we just left KSC heading to Orlando #
  • 17:31 @jeffbriscoe thanks! it was a blast :) #
  • 17:34 @ageekmom thanks! We found the traffic so we're detouring #
  • 18:05 @tameraclark got your postcards sent out :) figures, they had ones pre-stamped and postmarked at the main gift shop! #
  • 19:32 Beautiful ending to an epic day :) tweetphoto.com/22440822 #
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