Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 07:24 RT @DalaiLama: If u wonder what u were doing in the past, look at ur body; to know what will happen to u in the future, look at ur mind. #
  • 07:48 I just saw some dude by the boat ramp now I hear splashing. Either he's swimming or there's a big gator (or both) there are warning signs #
  • 07:49 Oh! I see now...he must have been fishing for gators...allowing his leashed dog to jump in the water. Jerk. >:( #
  • 07:57 @_Baylink I missed my 5,000th tweet, although I believe it was an @ reply to you *lol* #
  • 08:41 Hmmmm I wonder if its a bad thing that we haven't booked anyplace to stay during the #NasaTweetUp yet? #STS132 #KSCTweetup #
  • 09:53 Someone had made a neat map for STS127 so I did a little modifications to it for #STS132 #NasaTweetup (Had to use MS-Paint *lol*) #
  • 09:56 #STS132 #NASATweetup #KSCTweetup Overview Map =) twitpic.com/1lj0rz #
  • 10:05 @_Baylink I keep checking your maps and 10 day reports #
  • 10:21 @HayleyFiasco "Just because I wasted your time/bandwidth w/my pointless forward doesn't mean you have to waste a tree, think B4 printing" #
  • 14:18 Off to hang a notice on the door of one of my occupied pre-listings #
  • 14:27 Rebel tweetphoto.com/21316915 #
  • 15:41 @erikhess hmmm thats what I get for looking at someone elses sketched out map *lol* #
  • 16:01 Finally some good news! It'll be better news next week. #
  • 17:49 @ummm_Stacy how about a train? I just took one from Florida to Washington DC and it was lots of fun. #
  • 17:50 Bunch of BPOs coming up on some pre-listed properties. Getting the forms pre-filled out so I can get through them when they're assigned. #
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