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Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 08:15 RT @DalaiLama: The practice of non-violence suits us all, it only calls for determination. If it succeeds, it (cont) tl.gd/11up4v #
  • 08:25 Waiting to get my closing package so I can head down to Naples for my closing. :) then its back to Port Charlotte to write up an offer or 2 #
  • 09:53 @_Baylink (re: why space) I used to be part of my schools "Young Astronaut program" =) #NASAtweetup #
  • 11:26 Need to find legal sized paper...looks like I gotta run to Walmart... #
  • 11:36 @_Baylink in the district, my school bussed us to the one that actually held the classes #
  • 11:39 @_Baylink some people just don't understand snarkasm. #
  • 11:40 @_Baylink have you found @god? #
  • 11:44 WTF Walmart...where's the cheap stuff!? Why does 3" of paper nearly double the price!? #rant tweetphoto.com/20140108 #
  • 11:45 *grumbles* $8 and I only need 10pc of this stuff #rants #wtfwalmart #
  • 12:02 RT @neilhimself: Amazing giveaway of 50 proof copies of the STORIES anthology I co-edited, in about ten minutes. #
  • 12:05 RT @neilhimself: FREE! Advanced proof copies of #STORIES, by "A Who's Who of contemporary literature" to 1st 50 to RT this (@WmMorrowBks ) #
  • 12:21 @_Baylink I know...but still....*lol* #Whining #
  • 12:38 @dervari they weren't doing anything in florida I thought, just atlanta? #
  • 12:46 RT @neilhimself: RT warning@brettbrettersons: after a google: @farawaystables trying to scam @neilhimself's (cont) tl.gd/122g1g #
  • 12:47 Heading to Naples now for closing. ETA is nearly 3:00. Today is going to be close! #
  • 13:07 #NasaTweetup waitlist emails went out and @hippybrian is in! I'm so happy!!! #
  • 13:26 @AirborneGeek shouldn't it be "this one time...at space camp..." :P #
  • 15:10 @Oblivion I did not go to Space Camp (unfortunately) but I was in the Young Astronaut program in school :) #NasaTweetup #
  • 15:16 RT @ageekmom: Hey #STS132 #nasatweetup participants just think it will be *YOUR* car alarms that go off as Atlantis takes off on launch day! #
  • 16:54 @FirstDigg do you still have them, I have a fried who would love to take her daughter #
  • 17:20 REO Insider Update: Fannie Extends REO Discount Deadline - Fannie Mae extended its seller assistance incentive on a... ow.ly/17c2PR #
  • 17:27 RT @thinkgeek: Running underfoot/ Your screams are like gentle sighs/ Filling me with peace. --Godzilla j.mp/dbxYKT #
  • 17:33 I just ousted @philla215 as the mayor of Starbucks (Kings Hwy) on @foursquare! 4sq.com/by5qFv #
  • 17:40 @_Baylink @WaldenL Should I label my cell phone with my cell phone #? actually, snarkiness aside What if the battery dies. #NASAtweetup #
  • 18:12 Contracts signed now to pick up one from my investor. #ItsAGoodTimeToBuy #SWFLRealEstate #
  • 20:41 @_Baylink bah! can I help it that I run on caffeine!? *lol* #
  • 20:41 @FirstDigg No worries! Thanks! #
  • 20:43 @_Baylink @WaldenL I forgot, My cell # is google voice so I forget its not my real cell# just a forwarding # to any phone I want #spoiled #
  • 21:12 @kylecassidy you should put a few cups of bird seed all over the car, let them come back to a birdpoop-covered car! #
  • 21:14 @kylecassidy you're far more patient than me, I'd be F-ing w/them-I'd chain their car to a tree - If they wanna park there they're staying! #
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