Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 06:07 I just became the mayor of Amtrak Station, Savannah (SAV) GA on @foursquare! 4sq.com/bQJMkj #
  • 06:09 RT @dealsplus: Hey! Retweet this to win a new Apple #iPad today. Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. Details here: bit.ly/9aq1Su #
  • 06:19 We're in Georgia traveling back to Orlando. Slept most of the train ride, what a fun trip. Must Register for the next #NasaTweetup for sure! #
  • 06:24 RT @AmtrakVacations: Love it! RT @heather_perara: Best part of the whole trip right here. #PuntaGorda2DC tweetphoto.com/18887913 #
  • 06:48 @Xirconnia I know! We're already on our way back south...left 7:30 last night exhausted. It was fun :) #
  • 07:18 One of the engines is throwing an alarm, conductors are inspecting. We're pretty close to Jessup. tweetphoto.com/19080543 #
  • 07:20 They're requesting a 14mm or crescent wrench, why does the train not carry the tools it needs? #AmtracFail @AmtrakVacations #DC2PuntaGorda #
  • 07:22 Sounds like its the parking break failing...someone had a crescent wrench btw #AmtracFail @AmtrakVacations #DC2PuntaGorda #97SilverMeteor #
  • 07:30 tweetphoto.com/19081359 The chick is nagging the conductor (what's wrong how long we stuck) the guy is a (cont) tl.gd/uad2c #
  • 07:49 Overly concerned passenger woke up her baby to carry it to the door for "fresh air" *rolls eyes* now the kid is fussing instead of sleeping #
  • 07:56 Oh hello train flying past while we're stick *lol* #AmtrakFail #DC2PuntaGorda tweetphoto.com/19083110 #
  • 08:00 So Conductor said our locomotive is bad, the airline to breaks ruptured so we're riding on breaks right now. #AmtrakFail #DC2PuntaGorda #
  • 08:01 Once we get to Jessup Ga we are going to unhook from the bad locomotive (we have 2). #AmtrakFail #DC2PuntaGorda #
  • 08:26 We're delayed 20minutes to cut loose from the dying loco. Shoulda known when the train was delayed from NY to DC. #AmtrakFail #DC2PuntaGorda #
  • 08:38 RT @NASA: #NASTweetup registration for STS-132 launch opens at 10aET & is open 24 hrs. You don't have to be 1st! www.nasa.gov/tweetup #
  • 08:54 tweetphoto.com/19087389 Whatta bunch of know it alls, they KNEW the train was junk. Blah blah blah. (cont) tl.gd/ubjtr #
  • 08:57 Its funny listening to everyone talking on the phone about how bad the breakdown is. *rolls eyes* #AmtrakFail #DC2PuntaGorda #BrokenTrain #
  • 09:28 RT @dealsplus: Want iPad? Retweet this & win a new Apple iPad today. Follow @dealsplus. Details here: bit.ly/9aq1Su #iPad #
  • 13:31 Starting to rain but we're just passing through Longwood so we're close. :) tweetphoto.com/19112525 #
  • 14:16 RT @dealsplus: Hey! Retweet this to win a new Apple #iPad today! Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. Details here: bit.ly/9aq1Su #
  • 15:42 tweetphoto.com/19124842 Honey, your hair ain't that nice *lol* use the $50 Build-a-Dino as an umbrella, (cont) tl.gd/ufu6f #
  • 19:07 LOL! RT @kingsully: T-Mobile "Hot Spots" should be renamed - "Ice Cold Polar Sub Zero Dances With Wolves Hopeless Out Posts" #
  • 20:30 @Antiuse well, if @scarlett_witch stopped following @dealsplus that just means theres one less person competing with us for free stuff! #
  • 20:33 @Antiuse *LOL* and when you win the laptop that means one less person stands in my way! Muwahahahaha! #
  • 20:34 I just got an email from a "Talent Acquisition Manager" from a Real Estate Office...um... #ThingsThatSoundLikeSomethingTheyreNot #
  • 20:37 @Antiuse Oh I'm trying to win one of those too...I won tickets on the radio so I'm hoping to keep the luck running #
  • 22:23 #NasaTweetup @Nasa's @NasaTweetup camera caught me & @HippyBrian at #EarthDay40 Tweetup in Washington DC twitpic.com/1gylaj #
  • 22:30 Daisy, Pepperjack and Ophelia are watching me work...silly #cutechicks tweetphoto.com/19163802 #
  • 22:57 @danecook try www.scribd.com/ #
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