Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 08:25 RT @DalaiLama: With money you can't buy wisdom, you can't buy inner peace. Wisdom and inner peace must be created by yourself. #
  • 08:29 RT @jesus: Follow Friday.... OMG JUST KIDDING! LOL. ONLY FOLLOW ME! #
  • 09:34 @bethofalltrades can you dim the screen to save battery? I can usually get an extra 1/2 hour off my computer if I do that #
  • 09:39 Free Customers, sorta! *lol* "I don't have time today to show them" is really code for "I'm not approved to see that type of house" #
  • 09:40 They're not really Free....they're costing me 25% but I don't mind. A Buyer is a Buyer. :D #
  • 10:11 11:11 #
  • 10:48 Prepping two offers today, with any luck I'll be submitting tonight and getting a response next week. #
  • 11:52 twitpic.com/19k55z - Miss Isis Lounging around *lol* #
  • 13:30 Leaving shortly to go show a house and write a contract on it...then its off to North Port to show my buyer what he bought :) Yay! #
  • 14:11 I can't believe I lost my sunglases :( #
  • 14:58 Contract written now off to North Port #
  • 15:52 RT @ConanOBrien: Want to see an insecure celebrity avoid eye contact? Meet me courtesy of Amex: bit.ly/bEUqsh. #
  • 16:01 I just unlocked the "Superstar" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cQH5am #
  • 16:20 RT @ConanOBrien: Sweet victory! I'm now trending higher than my twitter nemesis, Justin Bieber. Who's the tween heartthrob now? #
  • 16:20 RT @dealsplus: Just Retweet this for a chance to win a new car! Remember to follow @dealsplus Details: bit.ly/dACLDj #
  • 16:24 twitpic.com/19ls02 - Dude...speed limit is 70. MOVE!!! #
  • 17:05 I love how AOL and Yahoo "edited" the @ladygaga "Telephone" videos to take out the "blurred crotch shot" LOL #
  • 17:45 @Mr_Matt I snapped the pic while driving but I actually did the text while waiting at the next traffic light. #
  • 17:45 @Mr_Matt I'm actually a real good photographer for not looking at what I'm taking pictures of...LOL #
  • 17:51 Hey @americanexpress I want to be with Coco in Dallas. Pick me! bit.ly/bEUqsh #amexConan #
  • 17:51 Hey @americanexpress I want to be with Coco in New York. Pick me! bit.ly/bEUqsh #amexConan #
  • 17:53 *lol* I entered the #AmexConan VIP Show contest for both Dallas and New York...sadly both are 20+ hours away. oh well! *lol* #
  • 17:54 Its actually kinda funny looking at the other entries at all the people who didn't change the "(insert city from list below)" #AmexConan #
  • 18:16 @Mr_Matt absolutely...if you thought NY-NJ-PA Drivers were bad, just think-this is where they flock when they get old! Blue-Hairs are Scary! #
  • 18:17 Just submitted 2 offers to HUD. :) Results of those early next week. I'm on a roll! #
  • 18:19 #LoFNotc #
  • 19:03 Both @LimeCrime and @YuffieBunny are both at tonights @DancesOfVice, you two need to meet each other! #
  • 19:52 @limecrime I figured you must, but just in case you didn't you should *lol* <3 I love when my internet worlds collide and interconnect :) #
  • 21:05 Working on some BPOs and then its time for some internet marketing...gotta get some closings lined up for May/June :) #
  • 22:30 1 BPO down....few more to go :) #
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