Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 01:06 Was sound asleep then woke up remembering I needed to submit another HUD offer. Results on Thursday :) GoodNight Twitterverse #
  • 01:08 Haha Results this Thursday for my HUD offer...wouldn't it be even better if @RyanSeacrest read them off live...after the break! #
  • 01:11 1:11 #
  • 09:40 Lastnight's latenight HUD Offer was not accepted (they took an owner occupant offer, mine was investor) ahhh well. The search continues.... #
  • 09:41 Good news though for my Alaskan Customers :) Looks like they're buying a house in Sebring. #
  • 09:53 Ahhhhhhhh! The mortgage company hasn't sent the package to the Title Co! I might have 1 less closing on Friday if they don't get it by noon! #
  • 10:02 Today on Amazon, you can download the MP3 for Danny Elfman's "Alice Theme" for free! tinyurl.com/FreeAliceSong #
  • 10:34 Whats with today?! >:( #
  • 10:41 Pandora is being kind today and treating my ears to @AFI's MorningStar...I love this song to pieces. #
  • 11:44 No Cape Coral Closing :( Apparently its the mortgage company's fault but they're blaming us. >:( I don't think so. #
  • 11:58 Thank You Pandora for another great song "Part of your Mudra" by Emma Wallace hehehe "I don't want a Buddha, I want a Genghis Khan" #
  • 15:06 Miss Isis loves Doritos =) tweetphoto.com/13140066 #
  • 19:14 Hey @TheEllenShow I wanna win Ellen’s #WinterWinStorm su.pr/1BVbe3 =) #
  • 20:07 Crystal Bowersox is setting the bar high tonight on Idol...Finally! #
  • 21:31 So far I'm really only liking Lilly and Crystal on Idol this year...Katelyn has potential but I don't know...somethings just off with her... #
  • 21:54 OH! I forgot Siobahn! Okay so I am impressed with Siobahn, Crystal and Lilly. The girls where a bit better than the boys on Idol this week. #
  • 21:55 Will this years idol winner be kinda Indie? hmmmm interesting season but its on the verge of being boring unfortunately. #
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