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Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

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  • 10:07 @mynock25 oh...now I have "My Cat" stuck in my head!*lol* my cat is amazing...he can play the guitar...he may not be an actor... #
  • 10:10 @bethofalltrades try www.pipl.com for extra stalkery goodness...actually its kinda scary how much info it pulls on people... #
  • 10:20 Fuzzy brain today...need coffee. Gotta leave for my open house in 10min. Today I'll being my laptop. OH! & my parents & oma arrive tonight! #
  • 10:42 twitpic.com/14jzm4 - StreetRods! #
  • 11:13 11:11 & it finally warmed up! tweetphoto.com/12096234 #
  • 12:09 @mynock25 in response to your "cat is not lawyer" tweet : www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jackoffjill/mycat.html #
  • 12:11 So True! RT @ArwenAnaNg It's a perfect weather day in Florida!! #sorrybutigottabrag #
  • 12:40 @mynock25 They've got some interesting songs which can easily get stuck in but you gotta watch out for that because of the lyrics *lol* #
  • 12:44 Dear "NannasHouse" Thank You for having an Unsecure Wireless connecting to rme to play on. :) It saves me from having to use @Tethercom #
  • 12:45 Don't get me wrong, I LOVE @Tethercom but I don't have electric to keep everything charged and the Bluetooth on my phone uses up my battery #
  • 13:04 @RenaissancePimp today I am...it makes up for yesterday. :D I actually won @Tethercom via @Crackberry contest. :) #
  • 13:23 Dear "NanasHouse" I don't like you anymore. Can't get work done online but atleast I have iTunes #
  • 13:40 Aww Pandora just treated me to "Regrets" by Cruxshadows, just when I almost forget how much I like them Pandora is kind enough to remind me #
  • 14:03 @MsLuz LMOA #
  • 14:04 @RenaissancePimp well just remember while I'm slaving away working 24/7 your galavanting across Europe. Hehehe who's special now? #
  • 14:12 @MsLuz *lol* yeah I keep this clean too. At least they won't see if unless they follow both of us or read yoyr feed off your profile #
  • 15:07 1 hour to go and not one person showed up. What a waste of a day. #
  • 15:19 Hurray! My parents just hit Florida line, should be to my house in 5 hours :D #
  • 15:37 No one showed up at all. Not even the nosey neighbor. I'm done I'm cutting out 20min early. #
  • 15:45 Argh...stooooooooopid ear >:( #
  • 19:04 @ArwenAnaNg You have to resubmit your number like every year or two. #
  • 19:54 @ArwenAnaNg OH how weird...sometimes it takes a while to get your number in the list, did you check to see if it was active yet? #
  • 20:08 Sitting out with @HippyBrian on the dock waiting for my parents to get here :) tweetphoto.com/12141556 #
  • 20:12 @ArwenAnaNg yeah you gotta get them on the phone and get their business name etc to report em #
  • 22:22 Just when @Fox4Now was saying we might not land tonight but sure enough a few minuted later there was thr Sonic Boom Congrats @NASA #
  • 23:05 ZOMG! Mom made me ToeSocks! tweetphoto.com/12155312 #
  • 23:07 RT @dealsplus: Hey! Retweet this to win an Apple product in an hour. Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. bit.ly/9aq1Su #
  • 23:18 @ArwenAnaNg LOL that's what I do! Even for #s I don't recognize. If its important they'll leave a msg #
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