Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 09:19 twitpic.com/vq80z - Brrrr! This is supposed to be Florida! #
  • 09:27 twitpic.com/vq8tx - Super Low-Tide under the I75 Bridge #
  • 09:31 WTF this is the 2nd day I've seen hitchhikers on I75 since I've moved here. #
  • 10:03 In North Port doing showings... #
  • 10:36 So far we'll be making offers on 2 properties. We have 2 more to look at as well. :) #
  • 11:11 11:11 writing offers! #
  • 12:25 Trying to find my customers, they're going to 5/3 bank I just didn't see which eay they went #
  • 12:25 RT @MsLuz: This is a very cool way to help out someone in need. www.SmallCanBeBig.org : Home #
  • 12:45 @MsLuz good luck! #
  • 12:46 RT @NASA_SDO: Solid plans for the #SDOisGO #NASAtweetup will be announced the first week of January along with a website with more info! #
  • 12:47 RT @zoeboekbinder: My cover of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. I want this to spread like swine flu so please RT! tinyurl.com/ykxgvqc #
  • 12:49 @Ticketmaster: tell us your artist(s) of the decade: @AmandaPalmer!!! #
  • 12:50 @Ticketmaster artist(s) of the decade: amanda palmer, apocalyptica, afi #
  • 14:13 Getting ready to nother batch of 8 showings! Then after that write another offer and then and then...I don't know but I'll find something! #
  • 14:14 @ArwenAnaNg looks soooooooooo good! #
  • 14:20 Apparently in Canada (or at least this lady's head) stop signs mean the other people will stop...not her. *hat tweetphoto.com/7525025 #
  • 14:30 Stuff people wrote on the kitchen counters at the first house... tweetphoto.com/7525600 #
  • 14:34 More countertop writing.... tweetphoto.com/7525837 #
  • 15:30 I judt saw a mailbox on Orlando Blvd so cool I have to come back later to take a pic #
  • 18:00 Hey jerkface don't you hornblast me! I'll tweet about it. Now everyone will know you are a jerk mr FL Tag#O74 tweetphoto.com/7538042 #
  • 18:01 twitpic.com/vsct9 - UHaul truck+ 3 Trailers *lol* #
  • 18:02 Some Jerk hornblasted me because an idiot couldn't merge in front of me properly. Haha now everyone on the internet knows they're a jerk. Ha #
  • 18:04 RT @hippybrian: New store coming to town. "Down to earth hippie shop". tweetphoto.com/7528995 (plus Pippi's Sockdrawer!) #
  • 18:07 twitpic.com/vsdtj - Back to Port Charlotte.... #
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