Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Sock it to Me!

I miss working retail. Sick isn't it? I visited a new age type store in Downtown and my heart literally wept, I missed running Spellbound, I missed running The Violet Aura (even if Nan was crazy!) I missed having a store. 

I found a place, its ADORABLE. I want to open a store to sell fun socks and then some gifty items. Brian's mom is actually going to open a Hippy Shop in the same building which is awesome, so she can keep an eye on my stuff when I run to work Real Estate (because I'm NOT giving that up)

Thats the place right there, how cool is that! It was built in 1930.

Anyway, so now I'm doing a little fund raising...this time of year sucks because I have all my insurances due RIGHT NOW! So I don't have spare money to open this by myself, so I'm hoping people may be feeling a little generous on the internet and lend a hand. 

The Snowbirds are down in Florida right now until April, so I'd really love to open by January 1st to catch a few months of the busy season.

For more information or if the above link doesn't work, here is the direct link to information about my store. 

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