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The · True · Lies · of · Heathyre · Perara

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

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  • 02:16 I have a few houses to show tomorrow (yes on a Sunday) and them its putting all the listings onto CraigsList. :) lots of busy work. #
  • 02:18 Hah! I almost misspelled "them" as t-h-e-r-n but on the phone's screen "rn" looks very much like "m" plus I'm sleepy. Had a long day. :P #
  • 10:35 twitpic.com/ezvgc - .@HippyBrian has been busy! Looks Great! #
  • 11:07 Already 2 calls off of some of my internet marking on a Sunday....judging by that, I think tomorrow should be a nice and busy day. #
  • 14:40 Went to the supermarket and got a bunch of goodies for the crockpot...now theres some yummy food cooking away...mmmmm #
  • 20:20 I <3 the Internet. Guess who just wrote an offer for a property from one of the ads I just put up? ME! We'll find out tomorrow if we get it. #
  • 20:22 @MsLuz congrats to both of you! I know where she gets it from. :) #
  • 20:37 Looking for a House in South West Florida? Here is a great place to start! heatherperara.postlets.com/ #
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