Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 00:32 1/2 of a BPO and 1 Monthly Marketing Report to go and then off to bed...really I swear! Gotta be in Port Charlotte by 8-8:15am tomorrow. #
  • 07:04 Off to class...blah too early need coffee. Guess I should have went to bed earlier than 4am #
  • 07:07 Wtf I just heard this guy THREW a 4 month old baby out of his car window going down I-4. #
  • 09:19 Argh there's someone in my class who is a lawyer so he has to look into the questions too much... #
  • 09:29 I just spent my 10 minute break chasing a lizard that found his way to class...he's now happily back outside. #
  • 09:30 I knew that summer at St. George's Baby Dragon Orphanage would pay off one day... #
  • 11:13 twitpic.com/4lsx9 - OMG French Onion Soup! #
  • 11:17 @YuffieBunny that's so cool Bunny!!! What are you advertising? #
  • 15:03 Dear Lawyer in my class: Please stop arguing every statement in the book it is not on trial & there are just 3 of us, no need to impress. -H #
  • 15:09 According to. My DS News magazine Florida is STILL #1 in the country for Foreclosures (since at least Oct) beating California and Nevada. #
  • 16:15 Woohoo done for the day! Homeward bound and then I have to swing by th office... #
  • 16:44 twitpic.com/4mg3u - 88 degrees = driving around topless! #
  • 17:18 twitpic.com/4mihu - Horus left me a present :) #
  • 18:31 twitpic.com/4mnq6 - OMG Stowaway INSIDE the truck! #
  • 20:09 Is sad that I wont have have access to Ft.Myers/Cape Coral MLS as of the 15th when the Gulf Coast MLS Alliance is no more. :( #
  • 20:11 Happy Cinco De Mayo and Happy Birthday to my Dad. :) #
  • 20:17 oOoh! My Penny-Stock jumped 15% today. Hmmm I better watch it tomorrow to see if it looks like its going to peak again...then sell sell sell #
  • 20:19 Just a few more BPOs and then I think I'm going to bed early today...oh wait...I have homework to do too... #
  • 21:08 Watching "Out of the Wild" (Alaska) and then Deadliest Catch. Okay...back to work! #
  • 21:33 I just heard Landon Pigg on an AT&T Commercial...I forgot how much I like this song. tinyurl.com/LoveInACoffeeShop #
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