Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 11:42 twitpic.com/3b7wj - Storm Brewing... #
  • 14:09 On my way to Sarasota to check out this alleged mold situation. We'll see. Oh and its finally raining! And lightning :) #
  • 18:17 @YuffieBunny I don't know why they keep getting you some one must be complaining...I know of TONS of fake or character profiles... #
  • 18:19 @brooke_allison weeeeeee I lourve thunderstorms...especially when I can set my watch to them...only a few weeks away from that :) #
  • 18:23 Just woke up from a nap...time for another motrin and coffee...yeah coffee for sure! #
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