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How you turn my world, you precious thing. (Jareth/David Bowie - Labyrinth)

So....Look who it is.....

Toby Froud

None other than Toby Froud, the son of Fantasy Artist Brian Froud and also the very same Toby who played Toby in Labyrinth...

Now, while I was clicking around on facebook I found one of his fan pages (and this picture) but one of the comments caught my eye...."TOBY FROUD IS THE GREEEEEATEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME! HIS PERFORMANCE IN LABRYNTH WAS INSPERATIONAL AND SHIT! I WANT TOBY!"

Okay...so...um...he was a baby...how much acting did he really do? Don't get me wrong, I love me some Labyrinth and baby Toby, but I mean, they couldn't even ge him to make a sound during "Magic Dance" so David Bowie gurgled like a baby. I adore the movie, but to call his performance inspirational or even saying he's the greatest actor of all time BASED on his performance...come on. Maybe I'm just looking into this too much.


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