Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

what the heck is going on!

Last year the storms avoided my neck of the woods down here....well...now that I'm here full time (which I still can't get used to)  They're coming right for us! LOL

Behold...the latest from Accuweather....



So yesterday they were saying it was going to hook right at us again, and it sorta is....hopefully it'lll stay on its predicted track, I'll just get a lot of wind and rain but at least the Eye will not be crossing my path....BUT if you look at where they predict it will be at 8am Wednesday....if you follow that yellow line to the coast of Florida....thats where I am....so either way I look at it the weather is going to suck next week. Maybe I'll luck out and it'll fizzle out....*blink blink* yeah right.....ahh well....I guess we'll be boarding the windows again. 

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