September 11th, 2014


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time passes on....

I thought about making a post on Facebook, but then again, we never really interacted there like we did here...

We competed for rangkings in NJ and even went on a few Motorcycle Rides through Sussex County together and of course, shared a love of Renaissance Faires, The Crimson Pirates, Cour de Lion and The Wyrd Sisters.

I met you 15 years ago at the New York Renaissance Faire, and only just the other day did I hear about your passing.

I am sorry that you have left this world, and the shire has lost some of its magic....but I am glad to know that you are finally without pain.

I'd like to imagine, in my mind's eye, that you and your faithful Buttercup are reuinited once again.

I will miss you, trongersoll.

Rest in Peace.