December 28th, 2009


Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 08:32 @YoungBillyMays didn't @ThatKevinSmith have something for Miami but got cancelled with that promise of a reschedule? #
  • 13:00 Looks like I'm heading to Port Charlotte for a showing... #
  • 17:39 Wrote an offer :) #
  • 17:56 @MsLuz It was on a 20k pool home. It'll go to a bidding war for sure. #
  • 19:21 @MsLuz I told them at least we can ge our foot in the door*n that's the important part #
  • 20:59 Would you believe I had an agent call me to tell me that they have an offer for me but does not *feel* like sending it tonight. um, right. #
  • 23:31 @MsLuz Seriously! It took longer to call me to tell me he had an offer and explain why he didn't want to send it than it would take to send! #
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