December 25th, 2009


Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 08:43 Change. RT @BarackObama: The Senate just passed health reform. Thanks to all who made this moment possible. #
  • 09:08 Merry Christmas Eve! :) #
  • 09:25 Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere & leave you for dead? #ChristmasVacation #
  • 09:37 I passed through the 7 levels of the Candy Cane forest through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops & then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel #
  • 09:59 Had a Showing scheduled for 1:00 but they cancelled, I knew they would. *lol* Thats okay, I have BPOs to finish. :) #
  • 10:03 My phone is ringing off the hook! I'm glad (and at the same time disappointed) to see that I'm not the only one working through the Holidays #
  • 12:34 Santa is in Kulob, Tajikistan just incase you were wondering. :) #
  • 12:39 Track Santa Via NORAD on Twitter - @noradSanta #
  • 15:48 Hey E196BC why don't u slow the heck down! U almost ruined someones Christmas by running over their dog! Jerk! #
  • 15:50 One our way to @HippyBrian's parents house and traffic slowed down because a dog was running on 17, 1 jerk zoomed through and almost hit it! #
  • 15:58 People are freaks on the road today! 2 lane left turn light guy on left goes straight (in turn only lane) and guy on right turns left...WTF! #
  • 16:00 ...and I think we just passed some dude smoking a joint while driving...are we almost there yet? *lol* #
  • 16:05 - Santa-Cow? #
  • 22:46 Hanging out at @HippyWomans house with @HippyBrian and Ollie #
  • 23:29 @kylecassidy I never had to wait til xmas morning, my family did it xmas eve night so my parents could sleep in *lol* santa was pretty smart #
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