September 23rd, 2009


Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

  • 07:36 - Off to Naples with @HippyBrian :) #
  • 11:48 I'm glad I can use MongoFax with MFR/MLS however I wish they'd stop messing up the email addresses, TWICE my fax bounced because of this. :( #
  • 12:46 RT @thinkgeek: Happy Hobbit day! Let us all go barefoot, eat too much, & dance--in honor of Bilbo & Frodo's bday, if you need a reason. #
  • 14:47 Busy Day! While on the way home from Naples I was submitting offers from the road with my awesome @Tetherberry (Thank You @Crackberry!) #
  • 14:47 Just came in from helping @HippyBrian clean the Pool and now I'm getting ready to submit a Counter Offer. Yay to speedy replies to offers. #
  • 14:48 AND OF COURSE I'm back from Naples and what comes in? ANOTHER BID! *lol* just our luck. Oh well... #
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