July 3rd, 2009



So apparently LoudTwitter's Server Crashed - So if you use that service to post your tweets on your journal and haven't noticed...they've been missing from LJ for two days now!

I checked their website and it doesn't sound good...here's what was posted:

Loudtwitter experienced a server crash and future of loudtwitter is being discussed.


Since my Tweets are not being posted here each day there are some items that you should have seen but didn't...

Firstly, from today - There's a Petition going around to get Disney to bring back the Captain Eo 3d Experience in honor of Michael Jackson. So, instead of working today I found the Full Captain Eo Movie on Youtube and relived my Childhood. It says that it came out in 1986, now while I can remember things from when I was young I can not really remember this particular movie. I do remember getting the little Fuzzball plush toy and walking around Disney with it. I remember being in love with Michael Jackson and telling Oma tha I was going to marry him (this was sometime between Thriller Coming out (1982) because I have the Vinyl and going to Disney and seeing Captian Eo (1986). *lol* I do remember watching his concert videos on tv and wishing I could go to a concert and catch his hat when he threw it during Billie Jean....but I digress....My Point, and mostly this is for you yuffiebunny CAPTAIN EO!

Part 1

Part 2

Also, I posted about my new blog for anyone who has a BlackBerry this may be of interest to you - http://www.BlackberrySmoothie.com

I watched Across the Universe last night and again, still giggle over the whole Bono as Dr. Robert looking like Robin Williams as Wizard in August Rush....

Lastly I am looking for writers, specifically anyone in an area that is impacted by hurricanes or someone who is very much into weather and would be interested in writing about it.

Okay...thats about it, thats what you missed over the last few days. :)