November 8th, 2008

mustache do not have to dial 1 when dialing this number, please hang up and try your call again..

*face palm*

So, in Florida it is very random as to which numbers I need to dial 1 before and which ones I do not.....sometimes I can call a 239 number from my 941 office phone without the 1...other times its a must....hell...sometimes I have to dial 1 before a 941 number....

The thing that kills me is when I do use the extra digit or I don't they have some pre-recorded message telling me I do have to dial or I don't...well...what the hell? You obviously knew I was going to screw this one up...thus the pre-recorded message  by why don't you just connect the gosh darn call because you KNEW I was going to try it this way anyway! *grrrr*
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