November 7th, 2008


my boys where on Last Call with Carson Daily last week...<3

Haha So the one thing I love about this (even if half the crowd was there to see Leno and never heard of Apocalyptica) is that you can actually see their facial expressions as they play (my videos I'm too far away). Now, some random comments about the video....
  1. By the time they play this song normally in concert Perttu is mostly nekkid. Its so funny because he seems so badass on stage but then when you meet him he's very shy and soft spoken. I <3 him. LOL
  2. You can actually see how much Paavo lights up/smiles when he plays, and he has an excellent smile.
  3. Eicca usually headbangs and it still makes me giggle watching head banging, fist pumping and mosh pits form during "Cello Recitals" Also, I have never seen anyone's hair move so beautifully whilst headbanging...its like art...I wonder what haircare products he uses because If I tried that my hair would be in knots in less than 2 seconds.
  4. Antero isn't here, it would have been nice to see him even if he doesn't really "perform" like the others but he is one of the founding members.
  5. Miko rocked during this song, it was nice to see the film crews focus on him a little bit because usually in bands the drummer is often overlooked and I have a soft spot in my heart for drummers. Haha Theres my inner band geek coming out again.
  6. Toryn...he seemed a little tired in this performance but it was still great. I can't say anything bad about him, he was super nice when I met him.
My favorite moments are the 10 seconds leading to around 2:38 when there is that break subconsciousy breathes for a second and then the music just POPS. Maybe its just the music-geek coming out in me but that split second and then the pop is just a magical-musical moment for me....okay...yeah...geek. ooooookay....can we say random.

I now return you to your regular blogging...already in progress....

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