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  • Thu, 14:18: RT @alexisrockley: Let me be clear (a thread): Those "all over the place" feelings you've been having? They are symptoms of stress, NOT pe…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @alexisrockley: TIRED EASILY? That's because your brain is burning your energy 10x faster than usual. CAN'T SEEM TO FOCUS? That's b/c…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @alexisrockley: Feeling CREATIVELY BLOCKED? That's because your brain has temporarily diverted all its creativity (aka ability to solve…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @alexisrockley: SUDDENLY DON'T GIVE AF about future-based goals, projects, or dreams like you used to? That's because your brain knows b…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @alexisrockley: Your plans, creativity, energy, focus + motivation are on a YO-YO right now, b/c your brain believes you need to be EXTR…
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