Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sat, 18:32: There’s no place like home... https://t.co/VPtp441e1C
  • Sat, 18:58: RT @pulte: I’m going give $12,750 to someone random who retweets this tweet because today is my Grandpa Pulte’s old birthday 🎁 😊 (must be f…
  • Sat, 18:58: RT @pulte: I see you
  • Sat, 19:01: RT @funder: BREAKING: President Obama just called out Trump’s catastrophic coronavirus response: "This pandemic has fully, finally torn bac…
  • Sat, 19:02: RT @AhmedBaba_: On a scale of 1 to unhinged Twitter rampage, how pissed do y’all think Trump is about to be about the #ObamaCommencement202
  • Sun, 00:03: Ugh. Timing. A gift I forgot I ordered arrived today....awkward.
Tags: #obamacommencement202, twitter

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