Heathyre (heathyre) wrote,

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  • Thu, 14:55: RT @VitaDevoid: If anyone ever asks you, "May I take your name?" DON'T SAY YES. It's a trap. The Fae will never give your name back.
  • Thu, 14:55: RT @NickStopTalking: I wasn’t gonna drink tonight but maybe I’ll have five glasses of wine
  • Fri, 04:01: I think the thing that hurts most is NOTHING has changed for you, you still have me & all your friends...not me. I’… https://t.co/4YFcjTO9e2
  • Fri, 04:48: RT @OMGno2trump: You can't spend a month calling COVID-19 a hoax and then blame the World Health Organization (WHO) for not telling you soo…
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