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  • Sun, 22:42: RT @Lin_Manuel: Therapist: Let's talk about your romantic expectations. Me: I used to dream that I would meet a prince... Therapist: Tha…
  • Sun, 22:42: RT @ashleyn1cole: Therapist: Let's talk about actually feeling rejected by a Twitter crush... Me: He was never mine to lose... Therapist:…
  • Sun, 22:43: RT @nancy_kiu: Therapist: Let's talk about how you're feeling about the break up. Me: On my own... Therapist: Yes, exactl-- Me: Pretend…
  • Sun, 22:43: RT @yerawizardkelly: Therapist: So, I want you to take me back to a distinct moment in your childhood... Me: There is a castle on a cloud.…
  • Sun, 22:43: RT @NateRuegger: Therapist: Try to focus on yourself, who *you* are. Me: ...Who am I? Therapist: Yes, exactl-- Me: Can I conceal myself…
  • Sun, 22:43: RT @clurthefaguette: @NateRuegger Me : ...Who am I? Therapist : Yes, exactl- Me : I am a girl who loves my island, and a girl who loves t…
  • Mon, 00:42: My friends and I have been killing it on Ibotta! Get rebates on things you’re already doing like @uber, @amazon,… https://t.co/TF6ivMuong
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