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  • Mon, 18:36: RT @nyrenfair: Embrace your dark side, or cheer on the good guys, as our delightfully wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and his Guards battle Ro…
  • Mon, 20:31: RT @LisaForTXHD3: I told my regular cashier at Tractor Supply about my candidacy today. She said her husband would never let her vote for a…
  • Mon, 20:31: RT @LisaForTXHD3: Because this is getting some traction, I want to say that this exchange was made in a light, joking fashion. It was not m…
  • Mon, 20:31: RT @LisaForTXHD3: That being said, I understand why it's upsetting to many of you. It's a large part of why I'm running. It's time for a ch…
  • Mon, 20:31: RT @LisaForTXHD3: I think this is the point where I'm supposed to tell you about my SoundCloud. Since I don't have an account, here's a goa…
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