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The · True · Lies · of · Heathyre · Perara

Verbal Voyeurism : Tweets for Today

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  • 08:54 Um...this is NOT Sharing the Road... #BikeFail #HowRude #DidntYourMamaEverTeachYouToShare tweetphoto.com/31865676 #
  • 10:13 RT @SpaceCoalition: Have you "Explored Our Space" yet? You can win tickets to the STS-133 launch and the IMAX #STS-133 ow.ly/29oGH #
  • 14:23 @michaelsasek I love google voice...I've been using it since it was grandcentral. Makes it easier for my work. #
  • 14:49 @ArwenAnaNg oh my! Yes, that's a pretty good cue to leave. #
  • 15:56 @ArwenAnaNg wow that's actually pretty unique. I've seen a similar naked lady one in Daytona #
  • 20:25 Bwah. I'm so tired I don't feel like doing anything....on a side note, I'm totally in the mood for a Big Salad...well mostly just broccoli. #
  • 20:28 @tameraclark Yummy! I like to freeze mine in an ice cube tray for single servings without having to thaw it all #
  • 23:03 ZOMG So much to do but I'm soooooo tired *lol* Gotta run to Clearwater / St.Pete tomorrow for some inspections....busy day. #
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