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technology is a bitch sometimes....

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So, I use my New Jersey number for Real Estate, I have a local Grandcentral.com phone number that I give out, but when I make outbound calls away from the computer or voice mail I usually use *67 to block my number.

Saturday I accidentally did a *68, I had to search google to find out what it does.....

Apparently, it will forward you calls to a number after a certain number of rings or if you're in an area with bad reception. I ended up sending my calls while my phone was in a poor reception area to some random homeowner I had called earlier to set up a showing. How weird is that! I only figured it out tonight. Ooops!

Anyway, The Fix for it to disable the feature is *88, which by the way Verizon doesn't recognize so there is no way for me to shut the darn thing off.

My temporary solution, until I can stop the *68 selective forwarding is setting the forward number to my Grandcentral Account. At least this way people get me one way or another....


don't you just LOVE technology....Oh...and Verizon for liking the Initiate code but not the disable code.

In other news, I'm still at the office (5 1/2 hours so far) working on these darn letters for Mike and Curt. Technology is against me, that will deserve its own post....but lets just say I'm thoroughly annoyed. NO LOVE!
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